ResearchPRO’s Black Gives Back Conversation with Dr. James T. Jones

August 11, 2022

ResearchPRO CEO, Regina Alhassan speaks with Dr. James Thomas Jones III. Dr. Jones is a graduate of The Ohio State University, having earned degrees in African American Studies (B.A. & M.A.) and History (M.A. & Ph.D.). He is currently an Associate Professor of History/African American Studies at Prairie View A&M University. Dr. Jones’ current research interests focus on the plight of African American males, an endeavor that has been most frequently expressed via his personal website Manhood, Race, and Culture (, and YouTube Channel by the same name.

A lover of all facets of African-American Studies, Dr. Jones has also ventured into creative writing that uses the Black experience and current events to examine and discuss Black America. The primary vehicle for the never-ending debates and discussions is Foolish Floyd, a contrarian that reminds readers of Langston Hughes’ Jesse B. Semple. An initial manuscript title Foolish Floyd: The Life of an African American Contrarian is available for purchase on Amazon.
Dr. Jones is currently completing a new book titled, DEAR SON: Letters to Black Males in America.

5:00 Nat Turner & Black Collectivism
10:00 What's in a name?
15:00 You need sumthin? I got'chu!
20:00 Closing the info gap
25:00 The real enemy: Ineffeciency
30:00 No margin for error
35:00 Is Black Philanthropy dangerous?
40:00 The power to shut it down & terrorism
45:00 Begging for trouble
50:00 The necessary front man
55:00 Philanthropy as a healing of the nation
1:00:00 Revolution is in the eye of the beholder
1:05:00 Radical reformism
1:10:00 The language barrier
1:15:00 Can I get a Thank You?

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