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Unsolicited donations as wealth indicators

Don’t let those unsolicited gifts go unnoticed! Those donations are key wealth indicators and predictors of future giving behavior for...

Meaningful Portfolio Review for Professional Fundraisers

ResearchPRO offers tips for frontline fundraisers to make the most of their portfolio review. How often do you conduct portfolio...

How to Find Corporate Partners for Grants and Sponsorships

ResearchPRO’s CEO Regina Alhassan aka Money aka Professor Prospect shares insights on where nonprofit leaders who are engaged in annual...

The Data You Need Pt 1

ResearchPRO’s CEO Regina Alhassan aka Money aka Professor Prospect advises nonprofit leaders about types of donor data they should manage...

How many prospects to secure a gift?

ResearchPRO’s Regina Alhassan aka Money aka Professor Prospect shares common ratios to help determine how many donor prospects you need...
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Small Shops Need Love Too HSC_1

Small Shops Need Love, Too! How Lean Fundraising Teams Can Build a Major Giving Pipeline

Regina’s Favorite Research Resources for Beginners

Build Your Bucket List: Master the Art of Segmenting Your Donors and Setting Up Giving Categories

Capture the Data: Your Ultimate Guide to Gathering Donor Information