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Regina’s Favorite Research Resources for Beginners

ResearchPRO Money Moves Session 2

September 17, 2023

Money Moves, a weekly prospect development pop-up series, is a partnership between ResearchPRO and the Royal Oak Initiative. ResearchPRO CEO, Regina Alhassan was inspired by the 1964 Freedom Summer project which was the volunteer campaign launched in in June 1964 to register as many African American voters as possible in the state of Mississippi.

While this is not a voter registration project, this is a fundraising education project. This is leveling the playing field of Philanthropy. With 23 years of expertise and billions of dollars identified, Regina is on a mission to bring the science of fundraising to Black-led and Black-benefitting nonprofit organizations.

During the Money Moves pop-up series, nonprofit leaders are encouraged to drop in for free professional advice around building a robust fundraising plan and identifying qualified prospects for annual and major gift support.

Wealth inequities and a lack of diversity are persistent challenges in philanthropy. But the science of fundraising closes the gap.

Every nonprofit deserves best practices and infrastructure to identify and engage their supporters to deliver sustainable impact – most especially when that impact advances Black liberation and wellbeing.

Money Moves weekly prospect development pop-up kicks off the weekend of Juneteenth. We are thrilled to partner with the Royal Oak Initiative to offer this type of high-level consulting to Black community leaders in Columbus, Ohio.