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Regina’s Favorite Research Resources for Beginners

#ResearchPride with Hope Hudson & ResearchPRO CEO, Regina Alhassan

March 3, 2023

ResearchPRO's #ResearchPride: Hidden Figures in Fundraising is a dialogue series centering and celebrating Black professionals in prospect development.

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Hope Hudson is a veteran donor/fundraising research and data management professional with over 15 years of experience in higher education and non-profit fundraising, analytics, prospect research, program creation and management. Currently residing in Tallahassee Florida; born in Colorado; raised in Iowa but primarily in Ohio, she considers herself a Toledoan. A mother of four, married, currently freelancing, Hope loves to grow things as much as she likes to eat well.

3:00 Toledo, Tithing, and Taking Care of Each Other
9:00 Turning a Calamity into a Career
14:00 We're Everwhere!
16:00 Billion Dollar Impact
22:00 Advancing Diverse Donors Pools
30:00 When the Institution Holds You Back
40:00 Power of Individual Giving
48:00 Sharing Prospect Dev with other Black Women
56:00 No Means No, Right?
1:00:00 ROI of Prospect Development - You Want Money or Not?