Small Shops Need Love, Too! How Lean Fundraising Teams Can Build a Major Giving Pipeline

Large, major gifts are not just for higher-ed and healthcare. Even small shops can prospect like the big dogs. But, what are the keys to finding that diamond in the rough — the donor lurking on your list, ready and waiting for major gift cultivation. Who are they? How much could they give? How much should you ask for? And, what if your database is a data-beast?

In this workshop, “Professor Prospect” Regina Alhassan will guide you through the process of unlocking the potential of your data to gain valuable insights and enhance your fundraising campaigns. Fundraisers will assess their current prospect development practices and receive practical tips to improve donor identification and moves management. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how data can be leveraged to boost your fundraising intelligence, deepen donor relationships, and drive increased giving.

Key topics to be covered:
Creating data-driven fundraising campaigns: Learn how to develop data-driven fundraising campaigns that resonate with your audience, drive donor engagement, and increase giving. Gain insights into segmentation, targeting, and personalization techniques that can maximize your campaign’s effectiveness.

Utilizing data to segment and personalize communications: Explore how data segmentation can help you tailor your messaging and engage donors on a more personalized level.
Leveraging technology and automation: Discover cutting-edge tools and platforms that streamline data management and automate key fundraising processes for greater efficiency and productivity.

Collecting and analyzing donor data: Discover best practices for collecting, managing, and analyzing donor data to gain deeper insights into their preferences, behaviors, and giving patterns. Learn how to leverage this information to personalize your fundraising strategies and tailor your communications.

This session is for you if:
• You have a hunch there are major donors on your list but aren’t sure how to find them
• You’re preparing for your largest campaign yet
• You’re launching a new leadership giving campaign
• You’ve built great momentum with grants and are ready to expand into individual giving
• Fundraising is just one of the many hats  you wear
• You’re looking for concise, solid solutions for new and increased gifts
• You have a CRM or a list of supporters and their contributions