#ResearchPride with Matt Stokes & ResearchPRO CEO, Regina Alhassan

March 17, 2023

ResearchPRO's #ResearchPride: Hidden Figures in Fundraising is a dialogue series centering and celebrating Black professionals in prospect development.

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This episode features Matt Stokes & ResearchPRO CEO, Regina Alhassan.

Matt Stokes has been in fundraising for more than eight years and has enjoyed partnering with educational nonprofit organizations and the generous donors that support them. He is currently the Senior Associate Director, Prospect Management and Research at Morehouse College. Matt has been with the institution since October 2021 and enjoys collaborating and communicating with his teammates to advance Morehouse's critical mission. A native of Chicago, he graduated with a BA in History from Oberlin College and a MA in Organizational Leadership from Western Kentucky University. Matt resides and works in metro Atlanta. He enjoys writing, traveling, brunching with family and friends, and working out.

2:00 What is #ResearchPride
5:00 Matt's as a Student Caller
15:00 A Path to Morehouse
20:00 Qualifying Prospects at an HBCU
30:00 It's More Than Research
35:00 Matt's Vision for Fundraising & Prospect Development
45:00 Matt's Number...$25Million